2017-08 update for Windows 10 Anniversary Update ("1607") breaks WSUS - FIXED

NOTE (Updated 30/08): Microsoft appear to have resolved this issue with a new update for WSUS as well, see here for details.

previously blogged about how the 2017-08 update to Windows 10 ("1607" / Anniversary Update) broke WSUS (along with clearing out your update history.

Microsoft have now released KB4039396 which updates you to build 14393.1670 which claims to fix this issue with the note:

Addressed issue with WSUS update metadata processing that can cause some clients to time out with a 0x8024401c error.

They also note that this update does not restore your Update History, nor will it hide updates that have been un-hidden by the initial 2017-08 update.

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    There is also a WSUS update that is needed too
    just released also - see in link below


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    Thanks for the pointer :)

    I'd already put a note at the top of the original post (http://robertwray.co.uk/blog/2017-08-update-for-windows-10-anniversary-update-1607-breaks-wsus) pointing to the updated package for Windows 10. I'll add a similar note to this one as well to help anyone else who lands here looking for the WSUS update.

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