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  • Soft white bread (machine) rolls
    You can get some really quite good bread from supermarkets, but freshly baked rolls are pretty hard to beat
    Posted 23/05/2020
  • Carluccio's Chicken
    This is based on a recipe my dad cooked, which he credited to the late, great, Antonio Carluccio. I've never actually seen the recipe as published by him, if indeed it ever was, that said it's not the most complicated of things to cook. You end up with crispy skinned chicken, miniature crispy roasted potato bites, sweet slightly caramelised onion and the icing on the cake is the roasted sweet and sticky garlic that can be squeezed out of the cloves.
    Posted 11/01/2020
  • Bolognese Conchigli pasta bake
    The conchigli that I use for this pasta bake are quite thick, lending them an almost meaty texture that really gives the pasta bake some substance
    Posted 08/01/2020
  • Peri-Peri Chicken Thighs
    Chicken thighs are wonderfully cheap in comparison to breasts, and they have more flavour. A smoky chilli marinade is a match made in heaven!
    Posted 28/12/2019
  • Slow Cooker BBQ Pulled chicken
    Putting all the ingredients in a slow cooker for four hours, then coming back, shredding the chicken and eating it - couldn't be easier!
    Posted 28/04/2019
  • Chorizo, Lentil and Potato soup
    It feels like soup season is almost over, but my love affair with Chorizo in soup continues
    Posted 23/02/2019
  • Special Breakfast Tomatoes
    This is a bit of a childhood favourite, it doesn't lokok pretty but it does taste amazing!
    Posted 26/01/2019
  • Lamb Hotpot
    Lamb Hotpot recipes normally use chunks of meat, rather than minced meat. This recipe, based on one from gousto, uses minced lamb which keeps the cost and the cookl time to a minimum
    Posted 13/01/2019
  • Soda Bread
    Soda bread is a 'quick bread' which means it's great when you're short of time and need a bread fix
    Posted 30/12/2018
  • Sausage Ragu
    An attempt at re-creating a dish I had when dining with colleagues. It's a long, slow cook time but well worth it!
    Posted 26/10/2018
  • Banana Bread
    Make this a day or so before you need it, if you can, it gets stickier and tastier after baking!
    Posted 29/09/2018
  • Ham & Cheese Toastie
    It feels like a bit of a stretch to call a Ham & Cheese Toastie a recipe, but I don't care
    Posted 22/09/2018
  • Braised greens
    This recipe for greens is a nice way to lift them a bit for variety and make the meal a little bit richer
    Posted 17/09/2018
  • Creamy Chicken
    A tried and tested tasty dish that takes 30 minutes all-in, yes it's rich, but it's a bit of a treat meal!
    Posted 15/09/2018
  • Chicken and Ham Pie
    Another pie recipe, this time Chicken and Ham with some leeks snuck in for good measure
    Posted 10/09/2018