Using Visual Studio Code, Node.js and gulp.js to create a web application - Handling changes

Having gulp react to files that have been changed without having to re-run the script makes things a bit quicker and easier

This is going to be quite a short post, there's not a lot to getting the gulp script to re-process any changed files - but it's a very useful thing to have!

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There's not a lot to talk about here, a small addition to the gulp script that consists of an additional task:

gulp.task('watch', (done) => {'./app/**', gulp.series('build'));

    return done();

This task is responsible for calling, telling it to look for changes to the folder that contains the applications source code and react to it by triggering the 'build' task. A task in isolation doesn't help though, in order to have it up and running when the gulp script is serving content a small tweak to the 'default' task is required:

gulp.task('default', gulp.series('build', gulp.parallel('watch', 'serve')));

Now, once the gulp script has built the application, it'll then start watching for changes and also serving content via gulp-server-io. Running the default gulp task, then modifying a file results in the command line showing this:

PS D:\Git\PreferenceCenter> gulp
[19:40:06] Using gulpfile D:\Git\PreferenceCenter\gulpfile.js
[19:40:06] Starting 'default'...
[19:40:06] Starting 'build'...
[19:40:06] Starting 'build:init'...
[19:40:06] Finished 'build:init' after 1.17 ms
[19:40:06] Starting 'build:copyangular'...
[19:40:06] Finished 'build:copyangular' after 19 ms
[19:40:06] Starting 'build:copyapp'...
[19:40:06] Finished 'build:copyapp' after 4.11 ms
[19:40:06] Finished 'build' after 28 ms
[19:40:06] Starting 'watch'...
[19:40:06] Starting 'serve'...
[19:40:06] Finished 'watch' after 26 ms
[19:40:06] [debugger] client is running
[19:40:06] [debugger] server is running 1.4.0-beta.1
[19:40:06] gulp-server-io (1.4.0-beta.1) running at https://localhost:8080
Starting WebSocket Server
[19:40:06] [Watcher] D:\Git\PreferenceCenter\.dev
[19:40:06] Finished 'serve' after 166 ms
[19:40:06] Finished 'default' after 199 ms
Reload client connected to server
Reload client connected to server
Reload client connected to server
[19:40:29] Starting 'build'...
[19:40:29] Starting 'build:init'...
[19:40:29] Finished 'build:init' after 1.19 ms
[19:40:29] Starting 'build:copyangular'...
[19:40:29] Finished 'build:copyangular' after 4.01 ms
[19:40:29] Starting 'build:copyapp'...
[19:40:29] Finished 'build:copyapp' after 2.43 ms
[19:40:29] Finished 'build' after 12 ms

The chunk of output in bold was generated after I made a change to index.html. Hitting F5 in the browser showed the change that I'd made, so that's job done! gulp-server-io has support for "live reload", so that's next on the list to get working. Taking having to press F5 out of the equation will streamline the process even further!

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