When is ALT-D not ALT-D, when it's en-gb :-(

I've been banging my head against the desk for the past week or so as the most recent Windows 10 Insider builds, 16278 if not before, have had the most frustrating (yes, first world problems!) bug. ALT-D to select the address bar in the Edge browser doesn't work. It works in Internet Explorer, it works in Windows Explorer (or File Explorer or whatever it's being called this year), just not in Edge. I dutifully filed an issue in Feedback Hub and then went about my life, muttering and cursing every time I tried to ALT-D and then had to CTRL-L instead. Like I said, first world problems!

I did mention this to @JenMsft on twitter, and today she came back with an answer:

So, it turns out that ALT-D doesn't work for the "United Kingdom Keyboard", but does for "US Keyboard" (this is with the OS language set to "English (United Kingdom)" in both cases). Hopefully it's only the UK keyboard that sees the issue, and not others. Fingers crossed this'll be fixed before RTM, or whatever that's being called this year! ;-)

I thought "The Turkish İ Problem" was the most obscure "but they look the same!!!" thing I was likely to encounter, it turns out I was wrong.

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