Using Classic ASP on Vista/Longhorn/IIS7

A couple of days ago I passed comment on Bill Staples (the Product Unit Manager for IIS) blog on a posting he made titled My Take: IIS vs. Apache, a post that's well worth a read even if you only ever work with Microsoft technologies as during his compare and contrast he highlights a lot of the shiny newness that is IIS7. In my comment I noted that it can be hard work to get Classic ASP running with the same behaviour as downlevel versions of IIS.

A day later Tips for Classic ASP developers on IIS7 appeared, which covers the whole shooting match, upto and including getting Access databases to behave properly wtih IIS7 and Classic ASP, which was a big pain point for me when a friend got a new Vista based laptop and I lent a hand getting it working. There are other bits of information out there, but this has it all in one, is well written and you know the quality's going to be high given the guy knows more about IIS7 than a soothsayer does about chicken guts! ;)

Bill, thank you! Now, any chance of hopping in a time machine and posting that a month ago? ;)

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