Useful links around ASP.NET Core Identity

Whilst working on my recent series of posts about ASP.NET Core Identity there were quite a few pages I used to research either the topic in general, or issues I encountered. Here's a selection of them.

The source for UserManager on GitHub

One of the great things about ASP.NET Core is that it's developed in the open, on GitHub, which means that it's very easy to go look and see exactly how something's implemented, how it's changed over time and what issues people have raised against it. This was useful to me when working out which CreateAsync method to override as I could confirm that (at the time of writing!) one did some work and then immediately called the other, for example.

Entity Framework Core tools reference - .NET CLI

Whilst there's plenty of built in help in the dotnet command, that does assume that you at least know where to start! Long-form documentation of all the various options is also useful as a "sit down and read the lot" resource to help give a more rounded understanding of how a tool works and what it can do.

Configure ASP.NET Core Identity

The configuration model for ASP.NET Core Identity is very flexible and whilst the IntelliSense that accompanies it is great, as with the CLI reference above, sometimes it's useful to be able to soak all the infomation about a subject up and go from there

Extending the ASP.NET Core 1.0 Identity SignInManager

I discovered this post by Steve Gordon whilst researching customising the ASP.NET IdentityCore UserManager, it's a different part of Identity, and for 1.0 but it still gave me a couple of pointers that helped send me in the right direction. Thanks, Steve!

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