Reactive Extensions - Their NuGet packages were renamed

A screenshot of the NuGet page for the Rx-Main package showing that it's been unlisted

This is an aide-memoire which may be of use to others, though it's old news and almost certainly won't be relevant unless you've got some relatively old codebases that need to be maintained and supported..

According to a post on the RavenDB google group, Reactive extensions announced that:

The NuGet packages have changed their package naming in the move from v2.x.x to v3.0.0

  • Rx-Main is now System.Reactive
  • Rx-Core is now System.Reactive.Core
  • Rx-Interfaces is now System.Reactive.Interfaces
  • Rx-Linq is now System.Reactive.Linq
  • Rx-PlatformServices is now System.Reactive.PlatformServices
  • Rx-Testing is now Microsoft.Reactive.Testing

This brings the NuGet package naming in line with NuGet guidelines and also the dominant namespace in each package. The strong name key has also changed, which is considered a breaking change. However, there are no expected API changes, therefore, once you make the NuGet change, no code changes should be necessary.

Also mentioned in the announcement is the fact that the old packages have been unlisted, meaning that you can find them directly if you construct an appropriate URL containing their old name but a search won't return any results.

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