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Grand Designs (on Channel 4 on November 2nd 2005) was all about a build in Belfast. After having seen the organised chaos that is many of the other builds that Grand Designs has showcased, this one was simply amazing. Not only did they finish for the planned date, they also came in under budget! This being despite them running anywhere between 2 hours (yes, their schedule was that tightly planned!) and 2 weeks behind at various times. I guess they really did prevent late tasks from creating late projects. I'm not quite sure how any of the principles in the linked article from Sticky Minds applies to the Grand Designs build, if indeed any do. But, it certainly makes for interesting reading.

The one point that is clearly common between the two though, is that whatever the project, the person managing it has to have their eyes on the ball 100% of the time. Even the shortest amount of time without that focus and it can all start to come rather horribly unravelled.

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