Outlook 2010 Beta - "Not Implemented" on Send/Receive

I yesterday installed the Office 2010 beta and almost immediately came across a fairly serious "bug". It's debatable whether the bug was caused by Microsoft (i.e. a fault on the part of Office) or by myself, as you'll see when I explain what I did and what the solution is.

What I did.

1 - Installed Office 2010 x86 as a side-by-side install with 2007 (on Windows 7 x86).
2 - Ignored the "reboot now" prompt as I needed to open and print a word document
3 - Opened the document in Word 2007
4 - Waited whilst Office 2007 setup did *something*
5 - Printed document and closed word.
6 - Rebooted
7 - Loaded Outlook 2010

This is where my problems began. I received an error message about "Default Programs" over the top of the splash screen, the "backstage" screen was perpetually telling me that my files were being upgraded and that I needed to update the "Connector". Also, when clicking "Send/Receive" I received a "Not Implemented" modal dialog. It's also worth mentioning that Outlook was absent from the Default Programs control panel applet.

How I solved it.

1 - Uninstalled Office 2010
2 - Rebooted
3 - Re-installed Office 2010
4 - Rebooted
5 - Loaded Outlook 2010

Et Voila, problem solved.

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