[Non-Tech] Usable instructions for descaling Sage "the Oracle" coffee machine

Totally non-techy post ahead:

The instructions in the provided manual for the Sage "by heston blumenthal" the Oracle cofee machine that are supposed to guide you through de-scaling the machine are pretty dire, verging on incomprehensible. That's true, at least, if you purchased the machine before the instruction manual was revised. As a reminder to myself, and for anyone who's had their machine a while, the instruction manual (updated) can be downloaded from the sageappliances.co.uk website here (click on "Instructions" in the tabbed area underneath the "Add to Cart" button to get to them).

Alternatively, on the off chance that the Sage website disappears, or they decide to re-mangle the descaling instructions, I've grabbed a copy and uploaded it here.

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