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Another assortment of links, of interest to me, that may be of interest to you!

The Rough History of MSBuild

This one's here really as a jumping-off point to the other posts in this guys blog. He's got a selection of "The Rough History Of" posts covering MSBuild, ASP.NET on IIS and C# Compilers all of which make for an interesting read.

Netflix functions without client-side React, and it's a good thing

How Netflix improved the performance of their landing page by making a targeted excision: removing client-side react.js. This isn't a "frameworks are bad" story, or a "react.js is slow" story, rather it's a "measure your performance carefully and use the right tools at the right times" story.

Moving to real time test discovery in Test Explorer

Visual Studio is using Roslyn to detect new/changed tests and update Test Explorer, in near-real-time, as you change your tests. Several different kinds of cool!

About Rob

I've been interested in computing since the day my Dad purchased his first business PC (an Amstrad PC 1640 for anyone interested) which introduced me to MS-DOS batch programming and BASIC.

My skillset has matured somewhat since then, which you'll probably see from the posts here. You can read a bit more about me on the about page of the site, or check out some of the other posts on my areas of interest.

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