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Another of those very lazy posts where I'm sharing links to content by other people, other content that I want to be able to refer back to in the future, admittedly!

Using LinqPad to open SQL CE 4.0 databases

The steps are broadly similar, but the key take-out that I'm calling out from this is that LinqPad is an excellent way to open the SQLCE database that you can use as a backing store for Orchard. More often than not I use a SQL Server Express instance when working on code for Orchard, but that's just because I have a a couple of really quick machines sat at less than 100% utilisation so having a SQL Server instance on them makes sense. When I'm not at home though, swapping to SQL CE just works and using LinqPad is a great way to be able to interrogate and spelunk the database behind Orchard in that instance.

How To Not Hate Public Speaking

This comes in a part 1, and part 2 form. Both parts make for a really good read, Steve Gordon has a writing style that's approchable and easy to digest. He's also promised that there's more to come on the subject of public speaking - so definitely worth keeping an eye out for that!

About Rob

I've been interested in computing since the day my Dad purchased his first business PC (an Amstrad PC 1640 for anyone interested) which introduced me to MS-DOS batch programming and BASIC.

My skillset has matured somewhat since then, which you'll probably see from the posts here. You can read a bit more about me on the about page of the site, or check out some of the other posts on my areas of interest.

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