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Things I've read recently that I want to keep track off, and perhaps comment on slighty.

PowerShell Tutorial – Try Catch Finally and error handling in PowerShell

I've recently been putting together some PowerShell scripts and wanted to see what the failure handling world was like (as PowerShell is something I've not really used much in the past, I know, I should've!). Unsurprisingly, it looks like it's basically the same as in the .net world.

Office 365 JavaScript controls

This is tied to creating an app with Office 365 APIs and is something that's been on my "have a look at this" list for a couple of days since someone mentioned it to me. Alas, it's still on my "have a look at this" list :(

Understanding Orchard's Database

As I've started to get more into how Orchard works, I've been digging around the web (and the code!) to see how it does what it does. Background reading on how Orchard accesses data in the database, and how it all hangs together is always useful.

Real world Orchard CMS

I've only looked, very briefly, at the content here but it's another on the "have a look at this" list for getting a better handle on how Orchard works and all hangs together. It's six years old now, but at least some of the principles will hopefully still stand!

About Rob

I've been interested in computing since the day my Dad purchased his first business PC (an Amstrad PC 1640 for anyone interested) which introduced me to MS-DOS batch programming and BASIC.

My skillset has matured somewhat since then, which you'll probably see from the posts here. You can read a bit more about me on the about page of the site, or check out some of the other posts on my areas of interest.

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