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Since I added a carousel to my homepage, I've been working towards turning this into an Orchard module so that I can (a) share it with others, and (b) use it as an opportunity to learn how to put together a module more complex than the one I wrote to add a custom tag checking condition to Orchard. In order to do this, I've been looking at some of the prior work that has been done by others (in other words: picking apart some other modules to see how they hang together) and looking at some of the guides that are out there on the subject. The best one is, and I shouldn't be surprised by this, in the Orchard documentation:

  1. The Getting tarted with Modules Course
    1. Part 1: Build a Static Widget
    2. Part 2: Make the Widget Dynamic
    3. Part 3: Using the Orchard API
    4. Part 4: Applying the Best Practices

This course takes you from start to end, creating a modules that shows content in the UI, persists configuration data for the widget you've created and also interacts with other parts of Orchard to allow you to make your widget dynamic based on state.

There's also a seven part course on (I've linked to the tag associated with it) which provides plenty of information to support and give a slightly different perspective to that in the course in the Orchard documentation.

Bootstrap based carousel module, here I come!

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