Exclude SCC / VSSSCC files from Web Setup Projects

The structure of a Web Setup Project (.vdproj) file is just plain strange as it's "kinda" like XML but with curly braces ( { and } ) and quotes instead of < and > symbols.Go figure.

If you have a large website that you build an MSI for using this technology, it's worth excluding "SCC" and "VSSSCC" files from the installer that's produced as you don't need them on the web server target and it'll reduce the install time and MSI size by a teeny tiny fraction. Anyhow, to do this, look for "ProjectOutput" in the .vdproj file in notepad and you'll find something similar to:

            "SourcePath" = "8:"
            "TargetName" = "8:"
            "Tag" = "8:"
            "Folder" = "8:_9C12D7A6BA9C4F5EB16D2E73FBD55EB3"
            "Condition" = "8:"
            "Transitive" = "11:FALSE"
            "Vital" = "11:TRUE"
            "ReadOnly" = "11:FALSE"
            "Hidden" = "11:FALSE"
            "System" = "11:FALSE"
            "Permanent" = "11:FALSE"
            "SharedLegacy" = "11:FALSE"
            "PackageAs" = "3:1"
            "Register" = "3:1"
            "Exclude" = "11:FALSE"
            "IsDependency" = "11:FALSE"
            "IsolateTo" = "8:"
            "ProjectOutputGroupRegister" = "3:1"
            "OutputConfiguration" = "8:"
            "OutputGroupCanonicalName" = "8:ContentFiles"
            "OutputProjectGuid" = "8:{A986933C-EB0C-4375-8B80-6E948D13A0BD}"
            "ShowKeyOutput" = "11:TRUE"
                "ExcludeFilter" = "8:*.refresh"
                "ExcludeFilter" = "8:*.vssscc"
                "ExcludeFilter" = "8:*.scc"

I've already put in the bits you need to add (in bold). Simple as that!

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