Conditional totals for groups of rows, based on the value of a given column, in SQL Server Reporting Services

SQL Server Reporting Services seems like a bit of a dark art at times (trying to look at the markup behind an RDL file definitely is!), for 90% of report based requirements it can be used to quickly build a report structure with aggregates, counts and a selection of truly garish default themes.

More of a memo to self thank anything else, but, if you want to display something like this:

Grouping Item Status Value
Group 1 Item 1 Alive 1
Item 2 Alive 3
Item 3 Dead 2
Dead: 1 Alive: 2 Total: 6
Group 2 Item 1 Alive 1
Item 2 Dead 2
Dead: 1 Alive: 1 Total: 3

i.e. Have totals for the values present in the Status column, and you've got a closed list of values to build the summary line from, use this:

=SUM(IIF(Fields!Status.Value = "Alive", 1, 0))

Substituting "Dead" for the counter for dead items.

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